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Monday, 6 September 2010

Ryu's day off 'to-do' list

  • Wake up in clothing from past 4 days. Only change clothes if player presses X or Y.
  • Make a sandwich. Try to enjoy sandwich but become weighed down by the crushing knowledge that my sandwich making skills just aren't good enough and I must push myself harder with regards to aforementioned sandwich making skill.
  • Delete insulting facebook messages from Sagat.
"You are a fag-TIGER!"
  • See Ken.
  • Begrudgingly agree to watch 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' with Ken
  • Constantly refuse to high five Ken during 'Dog the Bounty Hunter'
  • Be bemused at why 'Dog' simply does not shroyuken these criminals.
  • Yell "DOWN, DOWN-FORWARD, FORWARD PUNCH" at fanboys in the street.
  • Try and swap theme music with Guile. (
  • Call Dhalsim 'Stretch Armstrong' on forums. Feel pride at such an original insult, then proceed to make jokes about him giving people 'strangers'.
  • Remind self that Sakura is 16.
  • Pilgrimage around Japanese mountains, harnessing power and chi from nature in order to forward my own inner peace and self preservation.
  • Continue not wearing shoes.

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