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Monday, 15 April 2013

Justin Bieber visits other world memorials.

Yo, what's hanging party people? I'm J-Beebz and I was totally inspired the other day by my most famous Jewish Fan Anne Frank and her totally awesome house where she fought Hitler during Europe War 2. I've been feeding off her vibe and decided to visit some other totally ripping memorial sites all over the world. So join me and my pet Monkey as I honour those who Beliebed in a great cause.

Yo, I'm here at the 9/11 memorial in New York!! I'm so inspired by those people who died in an environment that was for a great cause with the ability to express themselves, and the people who died in the towers as well.  You never know when danger is going to creep up on you, even if you think your safe, one day you'll find some totally wacked out candy in your fan mail, so I feel for those people in the Twin Towers.
Baby baby baby ooooh baby baby oooh.

What up, I'm here at the holocaust museum in Berlin, it's commemorating all those Jews, like my best girl Anne Frank, who died in a totally lame war. Not cool world!
It's hard growing up, I know that, just a shame none of these guys had the chance to get noticed on youtube with their amazing skills, cause that's what life's all about, and they never got the chance to see it!
But Everything happens for a reason, man, even though this is really bad! But not as bad as abortion, that's like killing a baby!
Biebs out.

Hey Dawgs! I've bought my monkey to the Vietnam war memorial in Washington. The capital of America, which is the capital country of North America!
It's a shame loads of these guys got killed by people, some didn't even have a choice, just like being Gay!
Some of my fans have relatives who got killed here, and I can't tweet them all to make them feel better, it's such a bummer you guys!
I'll write a commemorative song for them. I'm sure they'll all be smiling in heaven as they hear it, except those gay dudes down below!!!

This article, isn't meant to demean any of the memorials involved, I'm sure you might know this because you're hopefully a sane individual. Justin Bieber no longer has the excuse of 'being a child' to defend his ridiculous notions, and it's a shame he chooses to express genuine sincerity before using it as a hook to flog his own ideals or bloated ego.

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